Bug Fix Update: TribeOne dApp is Ready to Take NFT Space by Storm

Our dApp is getting closer and closer to perfection as we work hard to achieve the best possible user experience. It is only possible to do that with our community’s support and feedback. We take pride in fulfilling our responsibility to hear our users out and do whatever it takes to enhance their experience.

After fixing reported bugs, we are happy to announce that TribeOne dApp is up to date and running smoothly thanks to our community. It is set to go live on January 27th, 2022.

The TribeOne team has been doing its best to improve our dApp in terms of ease of use, reliability, and security for a seamless user experience. We couldn’t have achieved any of this without our community’s help and support. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our community for their trust.

Let us remind you that our community-based testenet & bug bounty programme is still ongoing for those who’d like to help us improve the dApp and receive exciting rewards in return. To participate and read more about it here.

This article will take you through every tech update we have done on our dApp in the past months. The list is constantly expanding due to our determination to achieve our goal to provide a seamless decentralized application for anyone to access.

Some of the accepted bugs are

  1. Email notification activated: Our users will now receive instant updates on their loan application process via email notifications. Also, we will send periodic reminders to let our users know if there is any delay in repayment from their end.
  2. Accuracy in filtering: The dropdown feature has been curated to show the correct user’s transaction, enabling our users to easily access transaction information.
  3. Active account link error: Our users can now access the dApp without any landing page interruptions.
  4. Buy on KuCoin: Addressed the misdirection problem and now the link points users in the right direction where they can buy $HAKA on the KuCoin exchange.
  5. Terms & Conditions: We fixed the auto-checked “I read Terms & Conditions” problem and now users can read the text before proceeding.
  6. Responsive UI: We improved the responsiveness of our user interface and optimized it to give our users an excellent experience through the world NFTs.
  7. Diversified the NFTs for selection: We made improvements to the process of selecting preferred NFTs. Users can now select NFTs easier than before.
  8. Information landing page: Our DApp landing page is up to date and now provides all the information right from ‘about the project’ to our tokenomics. Users also get access to our How-to guides to have a better understanding of our dApp.
  9. Faster network: The timeframe to wait for the processing of loan approvals has been reduced, so users can acquire their preferred NFTs faster.
  10. Mobile & web bug: Users are no longer stuck in the “user details” and “token utility” pages.

Here are some more accepted bugs during our bug bounty programme

Now, it’s time to check our dApp and enjoy an improved experience with all new features implemented and bugs fixed. Our dApp is being refined and perfected with our community’s valuable feedback. As always, let us know if there are any features that can be improved or added to enhance your experience.

About TribeOne

TribeOne is the world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology. TribeOne is an NFT, lending, borrowing, saving, and credit risk platform that offers a seamless experience; to the users through its innovative consumer-centric products. The platform will break barriers in the traditional financial ecosystem and revolutionize the DeFi sphere as a whole. Providing the community with a platform to lend, borrow and invest in crypto assets and NFTs. Therefore, offering an unconventional experience for all.

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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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