The launch of incentivized testnet for TribeOne V3

2 min readDec 12, 2023

For the past few months the whole TribeOne team was hard at work and focused on delivering. The hours of writing code and preparations are slowly starting to pay off as we can finally share with our community one of the most exciting developments we ever announced: the V3 version of our platform, introducing perpetual trade swaps for NFTs, is finally ready for release on testnet.

We are thrilled to see our community trade NFT perpetuals on our platform. Of course, it’s an early development stage and we are prepared for some things to break or not work as expected — that’s what the testnet phase is for! In a closed environment one can only test a limited number of cases and only with a public release and the stress tests it brings, some shortcomings may come to light, no matter how well we tried to prepare for this.

The incentivized testnet will serve as a playground for enthusiasts and early adopters within our community to explore the features, functionalities, and performance of TribeOne V3. It will provide participants with a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the development process, test the protocol’s capabilities, and provide invaluable feedback that will shape the final product.

Testnet incentives

Our testnet stage will be incentivized. We will reward active engagement, bug reporting, stress testing, and the discovery of vulnerabilities. By involving our community, we aim to create a collective effort towards building a robust and secure platform that sets new standards in the DeFi space.

Our incentives program can be roughly broken down to two main parts:

  1. Trading competition
  2. Bug bounty program

Trading competition — TribeOne BAYC Brawl

We will launch a trading competition with a total prize pool of over 15,000 USDT worth of HAKA and ARB. We will announce the details in a separate post, but in short the rules are:

  • Top traders with best ROI eligible for prizes
  • Trading BAYC/hUSD pool on TribeOne V3

Bug Bounty

We are also starting a bug bounty — we are looking for both smart contract and UI related issues. Details to be announced soon!


We invite the whole TribeOne community to join us on this important step towards the mainnet release of our NFT perpetual swaps platform. We know that we cannot build good products and push the web3 innovation forward without active engagement of our community and we cannot wait to see your feedback. Together, we can release a new innovative product that will benefit the whole DeFi space.

Stay tuned for testnet walkthroughs and guides to help you navigate our new platform to make the most out of your active contribution!




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