TribeOne bridges the gap in the NFT sphere with it’s DeFi solution

An NFT is a digital asset that holds immense value; it consists of computer code and data. The asset could be in the form of art, music, real estate, games, etc. Recently sales on OpenSea, which hosts trades valued between $70 and $90 million every 30 days, take the top spot in mid-2021. This indicates the exponential growth of the NFT sphere.

When you purchase an NFT, you’re making an investment, just like when you buy any other piece of art. After all, whether the work is tangible or digital, there is a vast secondary market for it.

The million-dollar question is, how many people actually have access to these digital assets? This is a huge gap that exists within the crypto sphere and the one that TribeOne aims to fulfill.

One significant problem faced by crypto users globally is the financing of these NFTs. A user might want to purchase an NFT as an investment, however at the time might not have the funds to do so.

For example, most NFTs created are costly because of their uniqueness, right to ownership, and authenticity. Users might find it challenging to gather funding to pay for the NFT of their choice due to their intrinsic value at the time.

The second issue users have with NFTs is how complex and technical it is to create and purchase them.

TribeOne is here with its groundbreaking, first instant NFT lending dApp, that offers the community the following solutions:

  1. Users will be able to own their favorite NFTs on the platform and avail loans to finance their purchases in just three simple steps:
  • SELECT — The user on the dApp selects their preferred NFT from the TribeOne marketplace and applies for a loan to enable purchase of the same.

2. The first 50 users on the platform will have the opportunity to receive exclusive interest rates, beginning at as little as 1%.

3. $HAKA holders can avail of special discounts on their favorite NFT’s and additionally get preferential interest rates.

4. Users have access to a wide range of NFTs through our various marketplace integrations, AI-based risk assessment for instant loan approvals, and a convenient payment processing system. Our users will be able to access their marketplace where minting NFTs is simple as a some clicks.

In conclusion, Tribeone wants to transform the DeFi space with all the possible features that the current ecosystem lacks, making it a comprehensive and one-stop shop for all user needs.

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