TribeOne partners with ClosedSea

  1. NFT Loans: Users can get loans offered against their NFTs as collateral.
  2. NFT Mortgage: Users can get loans to purchase their favourite NFTs from the ClosedSea platform.
  3. NFT Pool investment: It is a community-based pool funding to invest in NFTs, and NFTs are evaluated by leading NFT appraisers which will be accessible to the users of ClosedSea Network.
  1. High Transaction Fees: Closedsea offers NFT transactions on low fee networks such as Binance, Polygon and Solana as payment options while also maintaining the ETH option.
  2. Multi-Chain Access: Closedsea is designed to offer a multi-chain experience across BSC, POLYGON, ETH, SOL, and allowing more users to trade on the network that best suits their requirements.



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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform