TribeOne partners with Golff Protocol

TribeOne x Golff

We’re excited to partner with Golff Finance, a one-stop services encrypted bank and a DeFi aggregator platform with multiple unique products.

This partnership will essentially open up a pool for users to mine $HAKA and we have an airdrop campaign to reward the community for their constant support and confidence. Additionally, Tribe One will also be offering their community our DeFi products explained below in the article.

Partnership highlights:

1. Stake GOF and earn HAKA-
- Users will have access to a 1 week staking GOF pool on the BSC course, through which they can stake GOF and earn HAKA. This will allow more users in the process of mining $HAKA.

2. Airdrop of $100 worth of HAKA-
In the near future, TribeOne is looking forward to conducting airdrop activities with the Golff community, where users can get the opportunity to earn exciting rewards in $HAKA.

3. TribeOne will in return provide the Golff Finance community with:

i) Poloka Loans

-Loans to value up to 90% with automatic approval, no credit checks, zero-fee and flexible repayment.

ii) Laiti Loans

- Tailor-made loans for micro financiers offering low to zero collateralized loans

iii) Mana Loans

- Low to zero collateralized loans will be available to users after creating a credit profile by paying their instalments on time.

“We’re super excited to partner with Golff Finance, which is a very futuristic DeFi aggregator and together we aim to redefine the DeFi sphere by providing high tech products and services tailor-made for our communities.”

- Mehdi Suleman, CEO and Founder of TribeOne

“I’m very excited that we can achieve cooperation with Tribeone. Golff is always open to partnership with a great project to build a more powerful and diverse ecosystem. The cooperation between us allows users on both sides to see each other’s products, which is very friendly to the growth of the communities on both sides.”
- Yunpeng Ding, Founder of Golff Finance

About Golff:

Golff is a one-stop crypto bank with a product format that is primarily a DeFi aggregator platform with products such as fantastic farm, earn collection, financial enhancement insurance, and lighting lending to provide users with more convenient decentralized financial services.

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About TribeOne

TribeOne is the world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology. TribeOne is an NFT, lending, borrowing, saving, and credit risk platform that offers a seamless experience; to all the users through its innovative consumer-centric products. The platform will break barriers in the traditional financial ecosystem and revolutionize the DeFi sphere as a whole. Providing the community with a platform to lend, borrow and invest in crypto assets and NFTs. Therefore, offering an unconventional experience for all.

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