TribeOne’s Christmas Discord party

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.” We know you are singing it too. Come join us with a day filled with fun activities on our discord.

Here is the link —

Our X-mas party activities

1. Slot machine🎰
In this game, it’s pure luck. The machine rolls the three symbols, if any particular combination is formed, the player wins. The winning rewards depend on the combinations as visible on the first information page. [!slots]

2. Guess the word🔠
The players need to unscramble the word in this game. A random shuffled word is displayed which needs to be converted into its original form. The player gets 3 chances and has 10 seconds for each try.

3. Trivia 💭
(ˈtrɪvɪə ɡeɪm) or trivia quiz. A trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions about interesting facts in many subjects. The subjects can be anything — Movies, TribeOne, Crypto, memes etc. A question gets posted on the trivia channel. Any person can answer it. There’s only one chance for each question. If the answer is incorrect they will have to wait for the next turn before they can choose.

Christmas Event Guide:

  1. Users have to join the TribeOne discord server
  2. Then they have to head over to the “Participate” 🥳 channel:
    > Get themselves subscribed to the event.
    > Once you’ve become verified you will be able to view the gaming channels
  3. Slots Machine 🎰-
    > To view the rewards and other information: Use: `!slots`
    > To start the game: Use: `!slots start` in the slots channel.
  4. Guess Word 🔠 -
    > The player gets three individual turns and 10 seconds for each answer.
    > To start the game: Use: `!guessword` in the guess word channel.
  5. Trivia 💭-
    > The questions get posted in the Trivia Channel. To answer, React with the appropriate choice EMOJI.
  6. The results will be announced in the results channel. Keep a close watch to know the winners, the correct answers and also don’t forget to check your DMs sometimes the bot might just like you and DM you the answer 😉
  7. Scoreboard 💯 —
    >The player can check their scores by using the command `!leaderboard` in any event channel. So if you wanna know where you are enter this command and find out!

Follow our channels to be updated on all our developments:

Twitter: @tribeonedefi
Discord :




TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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