TribeOne’s New Year Discord Party

The New Year is here- let’s begin this new year with a new spirit and new party for you, Tribe! We’ve organised a new years eve party where you can enjoy a new set of games and activities

Here is the link —

Our Party Activities

1. Blackjack Game🃏:

In the game, the bot draws the cards to the player and the bot itself. To win the game, The cards should be Closer to 21, or The cards should be higher than the Dealer. (In both of the cases, The 21 should not be exceeded).

2. Roulette Game🎰:
A casino roulette game to earn various prizes depending upon the outputs. In this game, the player rolls a dice, if the dice number matches the sequence, the player wins the rewards depending upon the sequence matched.

3. Fishing Game🐠:
A fishing game comes with a roleplay style. The player starts the game with a fishing road and net. During the game, the player decides whether to continue or surrender. If in any part of the game the net break or thus the rod, the caught fish runs away. You can also sell as many fishes as you catch and the rates of the fishes depend upon the market rate. [Changes Frequently]

4. Highlow Game🎲
In this game, the player rolls dice by a !highlow command and needs to bet their desired amount on whether the dice roll number will be high or low. If the prediction is correct the player wins the 1x of bet amount or else, losses the bet amount.

New years event guide:

1. Users have to join the TribeOne discord server

2. Then they have to head over to the “Participate” 🥳 channel:

> Get themselves subscribed to the event.
> Once you’ve become verified you will be able to view the gaming channels

3. Blackjack Game 🃏:
> The payout is 2x of the bet amount

> Different keys are: stand — hit — double — fold [!blackjack] for more information.

> To Play: !blackjack <bet amount>

4. Roulette 🎰:
> To play — !roulette <bet amount>

5. Fishing 🐠-

> To play — !fishing start

6. Highlow 🎲 -

> To play — !highlow <high or low [prediction choice] <Bet Amount>

7. The results will be announced in the results channel. Keep a close watch to know the winners, the correct answers and also don’t forget to check your DMs sometimes the bot might just like you and DM you the answer 😉

8. Scoreboard 💯 —
>The player can check their scores by using the command `!leaderboard` in any event channel. So if you wanna know where you are enter this command and find out!

Follow our channels to be updated on all our developments:

Twitter: @tribeonedefi




TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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