TribeOne’s Token $HAKA

  • Slot Allocation on NFT Financing, Depositors of cryptocurrencies in TribeOne will receive $HAKA.
  • Exclusive access to NFT launches with our partner marketplaces.
  • Additional discounts on loans, Collateral provided in $HAKA will be offered preferential rates as a reward.
  • Quicker access to low to zero collateralized loans.
  • If users settle their low- or zero-collateralized loan early, they will be rewarded in $HAKA.
  • Lowered interest rates depending on staked value.
  • P2P Claims Assessment & Governance right: $HAKA gives voting power over certain economic parameters such as interest rates, inflation levels, etc.
  • $HAKA is allocated as an incentive for participating in risk assessment & Governance.
  • $HAKA holders can grow their reputation and be rewarded for their contributions to TribeOne.



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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform