What are some things you should consider when collecting NFTs?

Non-fungible Tokens, aka NFTs, took the crypto space by storm and a new market emerged full of new possibilities. Creators, collectors, and investors showed great interest in the growing NFT space.

NOTE: The purpose of this article is to give you an insight into things to look out for when purchasing NFTs and certainly not to give you investment advice!

TribeOne’s core concept is to make NFT investment accessible to all crypto users by providing simply termed and easy-to-use financing options, including zero collateral loans for the purchase of these digital assets. In line with that, we are constantly building a partnership ecosystem with leading NFT marketplaces to offer you a wide range of NFTs to choose from.

So, why should you invest in NFTs?

NFTs can be bought and sold for a profit. Some users also believe in the process of making and collecting NFTs and see the meaning behind them. The bottom line is everyone has their own reasons to invest in NFTs which is a rapidly growing market.

So what types of strategies can you apply to maximize your NFT investment returns?

NFT prices depend on demand. There are countless projects, many of which may be worth nothing in the long run. So, as an investor, it is crucial to avoid projects that are not promising in the long term. It may be difficult to predict the future value of NFT assets, but not putting all your eggs in the same basket and investing in different types of NFTs might be a good risk management method.

The idea is to purchase NFTs that have the potential to rise in value.

TribeOne is here to provide you with the capital you need to acquire NFTs. Once you decide to make an investment in the NFT space, our financing options will give you the edge to buy your very first NFT that could be the beginning of a profitable journey.

Most NFT transactions happen in a dedicated marketplace that has extensive user-centric features. An NFT marketplace is a platform where users can buy, sell and mint NFTs. TribeOne offers a wide range of NFTs from some of the leading marketplaces, such as OpenSea, UniArts, Gamerse, Curate, and ClosedSea.

Once users are done with browsing different marketplaces and checking/comparing prices, here are some of the NFT investment strategies they can apply:

  • Buying the floor is a good starter strategy as it requires a relatively small amount of money to start with and can be done without much-specialised knowledge — great for someone just entering the space! Floor price means the lowest amount of money you are able to buy an NFT for, often right after it has been minted. When you buy the floor and the collection’s price increases over time, your piece’s price will automatically increase as well, giving you a chance to make a profit by selling your piece to a collector.
  • Buying the ceiling, on the other hand, requires you to start off with larger capital. As the name implies, buying the ceiling means buying NFTs that have already risen in value. The idea behind buying the ceiling is to buy the rarest, most in-demand pieces and hope that big investors catch the wind and invest in your rare piece, offering you more than your initial investment.
  • Looking for underpriced NFTs is also a widely adopted strategy. The advantage of this strategy is that it does not rely on an upward market trend, since you are buying the piece for less than its worth and can profit from selling it without having to wait for its price to rise.
  • Buying pieces from within a collection, i.e, Collectibles also possess opportunities since collectors are often willing to pay good amounts for missing pieces in their collections.
  • NFT real estate is another investment option worth mentioning. Just like physical real estate, virtual real estate lots are designated parcels within the metaverse. There are a limited number of parcels available, making NFT lands a scarce asset, hence, valuable.

So, if you are looking for an entrance into this profitable market, TribeOne is happy to help you take your first steps into the NFT space. We offer an ever-growing NFT product range by dint of our various NFT marketplace collaborations, and also provide users with instant and zero collateral loans to buy these varied NFTs.

Our upcoming dApp is ready to carve the NFT space into a more reliable and transparent territory by becoming the most unwavering aggregator in the market — it will consist of unique NFTs from leading NFT marketplaces, premium partners we’ve previously collaborated with, and some of the most profitable NFTs in the crypto sphere.

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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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