We are delighted to announce our newest partner DeFi For You and excited to welcome them onboard our platform. A peer-to-peer lending platform built on Binance Smart Chain, DeFi For You enables using cryptocurrency as collateral for P2P loans.

A unique decentralized platform that brings a breath of fresh air…

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new partnership agreement with MeMusic, a music NFT marketplace leveraging blockchain technology. MeMusic implements NFTs in the supply chain of music to enable music as an investment class.

This partnership marks an important milestone as it is our first venture into…

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Lockness, a PayTech protocol that incorporates P2P escrow services to improve the security of crypto transactions.

What will this partnership bring to the table?

Simply, peace of mind.

Security of your funds and transactions is our number one priority. With this partnership…

We are excited to join hands with UniArts, an NFT ecosystem with a substrate-developed mainnet and EVM-based smart contracts for NFT infrastructure.

This partnership will allow users to get access to a community-governed NFT platform that bonds and connects digital artworks with the community instead of seller-buyer.


As an…


TribeOne is an AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform

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