TribeOne launches a revolutionary dApp

4 min readSep 1, 2021


TribeOne, the world’s first AI-powered NFT-funding DeFi platform is here with its revolutionary dApp — our conceptually remarkable application offers a seamless user experience.

TribeOne aims to be a completely decentralized, community-driven platform that offers users an ecosystem of boundless possibilities.

Our dApp amalgamates the best of the DeFi and NFT spaces in order to build a never-seen-before consociation for the crypto community. Our primary focus is to offer simplified NFT-funding solutions construed within a user-friendly, all-in-one interface — TribeOne gives users access to a wide range of NFTs through our various marketplace integrations, AI-based risk-assessment for instant loan approvals, and a convenient payment processing system.

Here’s a glimpse into some of our dApp’s most exciting features:

  1. Users will be able to own their favourite NFTs on the platform and avail loans to finance their purchases in just three simple steps:

SELECT — The user on the dApp selects their preferred NFT from the TribeOne marketplace and applies for a loan to enable purchase of the same

CONFIRM — They then review the terms of the loans and make informed decisions based on these specifications.

RELEASE — In just three simple steps, the user will now have custodianship of the NFT!

The TribeOne dApp provides users with instant access to a wide range of unique NFTs from our host of marketplace integrations, as well as the means to own these NFTs — once a user’s loan has been paid off, the rights to the NFT are instantly theirs. Users can also monitor their NFT portfolios to keep track of their investments and stay updated on all current market-trends within the space.

Aligning with our vision to build products that contribute to the DeFi ecosystem, we offer to our users extremely low-interest rates:

  • The first 50 users on the platform will have the opportunity to receive exclusive interest rates, beginning at as little as 1%.
  • Our AI-based lending engine will dynamically alter the interest rate based on the type of NFT, duration of the loan, payout time frame, etc.
  • $HAKA holders can avail special discounts on their favourite NFT’s and additionally get preferential interest rates.

Our integrations and their impact on our dApp

TribeOne users will have access to Faraland’s NFT marketplace that has unique, gaming-centric NFTs — TribeOne will provide users with instant loans to purchase their favorite NFT gaming heroes.

TribeOne aims to build a user-centric and transparent ecosystem where users can borrow and lend NFTs safely, using NFTify’s groundbreaking copyright protection technology that creates a secured experience for all.

NFT Alley
NFT Alley is a unique NFT marketplace where users can choose from a variety of NFTs and users will now have access to our all-in-one NFT funding products.

PolyChain Monsters
TribeOne users will have access to their wide range of marketplace that has a huge collection of animated digital collectibles.

TribeOne will support StepHero with community building and communication on social networks and will also provide their users with lending options on our one-stop-shop platform.

TribeOne users will have access to their distinct features like one click creation, interoperability, and the lowest platform fee within the space.

Users will now be able to purchase and collect NFTs of their choice and will also have the option of minting content-based NFTs and further sell it on the PolkPlay marketplace.

TribeOne users will have access to the HUP.MARKET, where they can fully monetize NFTs through copyright technology.

With the upcoming launch of our dApp, we aim to empower the community by creating simple solutions that grant them ownership of unique NFT-based assets on the platform at distinctly low-interest rates, as well as derive benefit from the collateralisation of these NFTs.

In conclusion, TribeOne will transform the DeFi space with groundbreaking technology by utilising the profitability of NFTs and using this to further accelerate the growth of the sphere.

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