TribeOne Strategic Partnership with Unmarshal

  • Structured data: Unmarshal will provide the requested data in a structured format that is accurate, reliable, and valuable, facilitating innovators to develop applications.
  • Multi-Chain Operability: Enable Multi-Chain Operability by Utilizing Unmarshal’s distributed network of blockchain indexers where the accessibility of customized data from various chains will be simple and seamless.
  • Comprehensive SAAS Solutions: Unmarshal Network utilizes cutting-edge technological solutions that simplify the creation of APIs. The infrastructure is not limited to APIs but also involves projecting data into multiple formats such as GraphQL, WebSockets, Notifications.
  • Democratized governance: Unmarshal’s decentralized network constitutes multiple distributed nodes promoting the liberation of power for clients to choose data indexers from a pool of nodes.
  • Automated Indexing: The automated indexing of real-time data from multiple chains will allow TribeOne to employ a cost-sharing model as per the need to index new chains.



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