TribeOne’s Christmas Discord party

Our X-mas party activities

  1. Users have to join the TribeOne discord server
  2. Then they have to head over to the “Participate” 🥳 channel:
    > Get themselves subscribed to the event.
    > Once you’ve become verified you will be able to view the gaming channels
  3. Slots Machine 🎰-
    > To view the rewards and other information: Use: `!slots`
    > To start the game: Use: `!slots start` in the slots channel.
  4. Guess Word 🔠 -
    > The player gets three individual turns and 10 seconds for each answer.
    > To start the game: Use: `!guessword` in the guess word channel.
  5. Trivia 💭-
    > The questions get posted in the Trivia Channel. To answer, React with the appropriate choice EMOJI.
  6. The results will be announced in the results channel. Keep a close watch to know the winners, the correct answers and also don’t forget to check your DMs sometimes the bot might just like you and DM you the answer 😉
  7. Scoreboard 💯 —
    >The player can check their scores by using the command `!leaderboard` in any event channel. So if you wanna know where you are enter this command and find out!



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